Performance and Scale Testing of Fedora

One of the driving requirements of a digital repository is that it continue to be performant as it scales. In that theme, significant community effort has gone into the testing of Fedora’s performance characteristics. There are currently two primary areas of focus related to Fedora performance and scale: 1. What are the characteristics of the community Fedora implementation? 2. Based on standardized interactions with the Fedora RESTful API, what tests will most effectively characterize performance and scale characteristics going forward? In order to provide context for an effective workshop on the two points above, this session will progress through: 1. A brief, hands-on, survey of interacting with Fedora 2. An update on Fedora’s performance and scale testing status [1] 3. A review of the Fedora API specification [2] 4. A collaborative activity in defining future-facing testing requirements With the above context, we will be able to take the session in one or both of the following directions: 1. Definition and creation of new, repeatable scripted tests against the Fedora API 2. Analysis of improvement opportunities for the community Fedora implementation In addition to this outline, it would be helpful if you would add notes to the workshop planning document [3] detailing: 1. Your interests in the general topic of “performance and scale testing of Fedora” as well as, 2. Specific activities you would like to see as a part of this workshop and/or 3. Specific outcomes you would like to see as a result of this workshop [1] [2] [3]


Room: Luskin (Level 1) Laureate Room