Los Angeles

March 6-9, 2017

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The conference for people who code for libraries.

An annual gathering of technologists from around the world, who largely work for and with libraries, archives, and museums and have a commitment to open technologies.

What are people saying?

I keep coming back to Code4lib primarily because of the people I’ve gotten to know. Sure, the presentations are great, but what’s even better is knowing I can grab someone in the hallway, or in IRC, or even an email months later, to ask them about something they’re working on; to get advice and feedback.

Hillel Arnold

Rockefeller Archive Center

Dear Code4Lib, you modeled fallibility all week; fallibility and sharing and kindness and humanity. You brought your code to your life, and your life to your code, and I’m stronger for it, and I hope you are stronger with me. My six-year-old daughter is distressed that I didn’t go to a Valentine’s party yesterday, but really, I think I did.

Andromeda Yelton

Director-at-large, LITA

This community has been a source of strength to me, a place where I have made wonderful friends and developed my own skills far beyond what I once thought I was capable of.

Bess Sadler

Stanford University

Code4Lib's connecting idea: the core of a tech community isn’t code; it’s relationships. Healthy relationships build healthy communities, and healthy communities are open, communicative, and inclusive.

Erin White

Virginia Commonwealth University

Code4Lib is *the* place to become better by humbly exposing your limitations to those around you. Thank you *all*. #c4l13

Corey Harper

New York University

The work that people in the code4lib community do, the ways that we’re working to be more inclusive community, and the things that we accomplish when we work together give me hope.

Tara Robertson

Langara College

Audrey Hepburn with sunglasses.

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