Getting started with IIIF

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) is set of technical specifications built around shared challenges in cultural heritage access. Many institutions have scanned large portions of their collections, producing a large body of high-quality images. To provide access to these images and supporting structure and information, IIIF describes an interoperable delivery and interface description method that has been used to address access and reuse of images at many of the world’s largest national and university research libraries, museums, archives, and galleries. A large and growing ecosystem of interoperable software has developed to support each step of image delivery and user experience. This workshop will provide an overview of the IIIF specifications and available software, hands-on training installing IIIF client and server software, and a question and answer session to address your institution’s use cases. Workshop attendees do not need any prior experience with IIIF and all are welcome.

Room: Luskin (Level 2) Optimist Room A