Five Tips for Developers Creating Applications using APIs

Heard about APIs but don’t know where to start building something? Created an application using an API but don’t feel like it’s ready to share with others? This workshop will provide tips for how to identify and successfully incorporate APIs into a sharable application in a scalable fashion. We'll cover the basic principles, concepts and tools for interacting with APIs from authentication with OAuth to REST API patterns. Then we'll look at the coding techniques for making an API driven application sharable and scaleable. We’ll look at strategies for identifying and storing application configuration information; examine how to write tests for application and API interactions so you can be confident of the quality of your code and discuss techniques for ensuring that your application can be debugged in the event of a failure in the API. Lastly, we’ll talk about how manager community feedback and contributions to the applications.

Room: Powell Library (3rd Floor) CLICC Classroom B