Digital Projects Basic Technical Skills Bootcamp

Are you or someone you know new to digital or software projects in the library or humanities? Would you like to learn the common skill sets that are in demand for practitioners of digital projects? Do you want to contribute or try out some of the cool new DL and DH applications out there? This workshop is for those new to the Digital Library or Humanities and seeking to sift through some of the common tools used by those in the field. The vast number of projects can be intimidating and the technology choices can feel endless. In this workshop we will go over some of the basic skills useful to participate in a digital project, common technologies, and popular software used. Participants will come away with a better understanding of some of the foundational skills used for digital projects in the library. Topics covered include: Command line basics Version control, git and github SSH and security keys Regular expressions Common data transfer types such as json and xml Basic data manipulation tools Skill level: Beginner No programming knowledge is assumed


Room: Luskin (Level 2) Exploration Room