Developing Library Applications in Google Sheets with Google Apps Script

Google Apps script is a server-side implementation of JavaScript which supports API calls to Google Services. This can provide an excellent platform for developing simple library applications. The libraries at Georgetown University and the University of Dayton have successfully deployed applications built with Google App Script. In this workshop, we will step through the various types of applications that can be built with Google Apps Script. (1) Custom cell formulas (2) Spreadsheet Add On Functions (menu items, time based triggers) (3) Google Apps Script as a Web Service (4) Google Apps Script Add-Ons that can be shared globally or by domain In this workshop, we will build sample instances of each of these types of applications (wifi-permitting) and spend some time brainstorming additional applications that would be useful for the library community. Sample Applications:

Room: Powell Library (3rd Floor) CLICC Classroom B