Womenintech Beyond Salary Negotiation Process How To Not Lose Your Head

When we don’t negotiate, what do we lose? There’s a systemic reluctance to negotiate for a higher salary or benefits package especially as a woman in tech, but this is not confined to just women. There is a pay gap; helping to close it requires negotiating with employers to compensate us for our actual worth. If we do not negotiate and we undersell ourselves, we allow that wage gap to remain. Salary negotiation is intimidating and difficult to navigate if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge to do so. You need to know how to assess your value, identify target salaries, ask the right way, respond to red flags, and evaluate a total benefits package. Negotiating takes having a strategy in place and knowing tactics to be successful. Of course, success isn’t always the outcome and you may choose to walk away from a job offer. Knowing your breaking point is also important. We’ve had our fair share of successes and failures in past negotiations at a variety of institution types (public and academic libraries, state government, and private corporations). This talk will present what we’ve learned and share tools and tactics that helped us along the way.

10:20 AM
20 minutes