Unwrapping Hydra-in-a-Box

After nearly 22 months of design and development, the Hydra-in-a-Box project partners -- the Digital Public LIbrary of America, DuraSpace, and Stanford University -- have made demonstrable progress to extend the Hydra project codebase and to develop next-generation repository and metadata aggregation solutions, incorporating the capabilities and affordances to support networked resources and services in a shared, sustainable, nationwide network. This presentation offers the Code4Lib community an update on all aspects of the project. We will show:

  • how the input contributed through user interviews was incorporated into the product design process
  • how the larger repository community has helped to shape and develop the software through code contributions, testing, and pilots
  • an overview of the application and the features and functionality it supports, including the ease of deploying it to the cloud
  • a roadmap for application development in the final year of the IMLS-funded effort
  • and the plans for offering a Hydra-in-a-Box hosted service.


01:30 PM
15 minutes