Intentionally Horrible Markup: Strategies for Testing and Enhancing Web Accessibility on a Larger Scale

As more institutions seek to improve their user experience through advancement of web accessibility of interfaces and content, the need emerges for a set of patterns to serve as a framework for accomplishing this. Focusing on strategies for improving web accessibility on a larger, distributed scale, this talk will detail models for continuous accessibility testing and validation by developers, content editors, and site auditors in production and development sites. Methods for judiciously evaluating software frameworks for their conformance and adaptability to web accessibility measures will be detailed, as well as techniques for selecting and incorporating tools and methodologies into accessibility enhancement efforts, such as automated validators, test-driven tools for software development, and workflows for accessibility testing with end users. This talk will address the need for multiple approaches to accessibility testing at different levels of creation and enhancement of content and software for the web, and will provide suggested strategies for improving accessibility in development, remediating it in production, and crafting a stellar set of tools that all members of an organization can use to create software, interfaces, and content that can truly help to craft an open, fair, and equivalent user experience for all.

09:55 AM
15 minutes