Going off the Rails on a Jekyll Train - Creative Uses of Static Site Generators

You want to build a blazingly fast, secure and feature-rich website. Perhaps it needs to include dynamic features like search, responsive design and easy editing options for content creators. A static website might not be the first tool that comes to mind to accomplish this task, but it might actually be exactly what you are looking for. Static sites are fast, incredibly secure, and have a low technical barrier to deployment. Current static site generators, such as Jekyll, automate the painful aspects of static website creation and ongoing maintenance. All of which greatly reduce ongoing costs of long term maintenance of the site. This talk will focus on the migration of a Rails website to a static website that was done to lower the technical debt of ongoing maintenance, while at the same time continuing and enhancing support for feature-rich aspects of the website such as search and content creation. The resulting website is responsive, simple to deploy, inexpensive to maintain, provides a simple solution for ongoing content creation.


04:15 PM
15 minutes