From crowdsourcing to standardization: bridging the gap to open data

Open data in government is an initiative designed to ensure that the public can freely access government data and easily share the data with other citizens. Future mandates will include transparency of both government funded research as well as federal spending. Our panel will facilitate a conversation about the current state of open data in government and highlight several case studies of current initiatives at FDA’s Center for Device and Radiological Health. These initiatives include but are not limited to a data catalog, a research project database that includes current and past projects and their budget data, and our collaboration on the Data Curation Network project. Additionally, we will assess techniques that worked and those that didn’t work, and processes that can be used to bridge the gap between high level regulations and local level work in other agencies and libraries. Finally, we will discuss the possible implications of how the upcoming administration will prioritize the initiative going forward.

02:10 PM
15 minutes