Every Library is a Technology Organization: Bringing DevOps principles to libraries

The DevOps Handbook is a guide to re-organizing your workplace for greater speed in producing new ideas, more stability in key systems, and increased satisfaction among employees and customers. If technology should be at the centre of libraries, here is one way to make that real. Development becomes Public Services, Operations becomes Systems, and Products become Services. Public Services, traditionally handled by librarians and library technicians, is merged with the system admins, web developers, and programmers usually in Library IT department. By combining forces, the process of turning ideas into reality becomes streamlined. When getting things done takes less time, assessment is that much more meaningful, allowing for continuous improvement of services. With IT and librarians working more on the same page, priorities become shared, trust between departments improves, and the patron’s experience becomes better. Can this magical world exist in real life?


04:30 PM
20 minutes