Destroying Impostor Phenomenon in Code4Lib and Ourselves

Many information professionals deal with impostor phenomenon (IP): an observed anxiety caused by one’s feelings of fraudulence, fear of being exposed as a fraud, and inability to internalize personal achievement. These feelings negatively impact our work, potential for future projects, and perception of our self-value. Feelings of IP extend into conference participation and attendance in which members of our community believe that they do not possess the skills to attend or benefit from conferences such as Code4Lib. Current research on IP within library technology positions is scarce. This leaves our community with some questions: 1) how is IP affecting professional development and involvement? 2) Is IP influencing Code4Lib attendance and participation? Through a survey, this study will measure 1) levels of IP within the Code4Lib and information professionals’ community, and 2) how IP influences community members’ perception of Code4Lib. Based on survey responses and research, this presentation will offer solutions as to how the Code4Lib community can help combat and prevent IP. These solutions can be applied to individuals of all skill and experience levels to promote confidence, professional development, and community involvement.

10:40 AM
20 minutes