Changing the Conversation: How language influences the software creation process

As a developer or librarian in library technology, you probably ask yourself questions like “What do I need the system to do?” all the time. How would things change, if you rephrased the question to be user oriented like "What are the problems I want library software to help solve for my users?” Whether you are buying software or services or developing applications, changing the conversation about requirements from features sets to a focus on end-user problems can open the door to more creative and innovative solutions and build better collaborations with your developer colleagues, your library staff, and your service providers. For example, when you think about APIs and integrations, providing a basic understanding of the problems you are trying to solve for the end-user creates the opportunity to review the multiple possible solution paths outside the context of existing system designs and capabilities. This talk will focus on strategies and methods that you can use to reframe the conversations about library software to foster increased understanding and innovation within the library software ecosystem.

09:35 AM
20 minutes