Supporting the Web Annotation Framework in Islandora

The latest W3C specifications governing a Web Annotation Data Model, Vocabulary, and Protocol represent a step forward in work governing the interoperability of annotations. [1] The Digital Scholarship Unit at the University of Toronto Scarborough Library needs to support the work of scholars annotating large images and video/audio files. Unit developers Natkeeran Ledchumykanthan and Marcus Barnes have been developing an Islandora Utility module to provide a common approach for implementing the Web Annotation Data Model in an Islandora 7.x. Framework. The Web Annotation Utility Model uses a new content model and focuses initially on allowing users to author annotations in the OpenSeaDragon and Video.js viewers using open source annotation JavaScript libraries. This presentation will describe the development process and challenges of displaying and indexing annotations, as well as creating a module that interacts rationally with the other utility modules in an Islandora ecosystem. A priority is designing so as to ease the coming transition to Islandora using Fedora 4/Drupal 8. [1]

03:05 PM
Room: Lobby