Iterating on Agile: Making It Work in Real Life

Agile principles are celebrated in the world of software development, but can be challenging to apply in a library setting. We often face competing pressures, unclear priorities, diverse teams and skill sets, and an embarrassing amount of technical debt. We're also unlikely to ever have enough people to do everything we'd like to do. In this poster, the design and development team managers at the University of Arizona Libraries will show how they incorporate agile practices into their projects, process, and organizational culture. They will discuss how their teams prioritize and communicate work, integrate user experience work into development workflows, and share their progress with stakeholders and the powers that be. They will share what's worked and what hasn't, including lessons learned through experiments with sprints, spikes, self-organization, work in process limits, user stories, daily standups, and ever-evolving kanban boards. They will keep it real, advocating for practical, attainable agile practices that improve the impact, transparency, and efficiency of software and web development work in libraries.

03:05 PM
Room: Lobby